images.jpegI’m the husband of one beautiful, understanding, strong, long-suffering (21 years, BooYa!) and loving wife. The Dad of two boys who teach me theology, and how to smile alot. Son of a Mom and Dad who gave me lots of love and everything else that matters. I’ve lived in the same town my whole life, and most nights I would rather be at home than anywhere else.

I like to read. Usually three or four books at a time, which explains why I can’t remember a lot of what I’ve read. I meet with friends, to laugh and talk about how God’s at work in our lives (as if I could figure it all out). My turn-ons include….Ha! (Oh, and I really do want world peace). I like to use parentheses. I crack myself up. I play guitar, but not enough to get better.

I’ll add more when I think of good stuff to write.


2 Responses to “About”

  1. spence Says:

    hey!!! Cool blog and thanks for following the uganda trip! it was a huge success on so many levels. I linked to your blog and thanks for your support!

  2. seaton garrett Says:

    Thanks for stopping by. I’m glad the trip was successful, although I knew it would be for all involved. Thanks for the link too.

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