Paul Tripp on Bad Language

Here’s an interesting take on how to explain “bad words” to your kids. [Language alert]

I’ve done something similar with ours. I also let them watch this video, because I think the three distinctions he makes are important ones for them to know.

The other thing I did was try to explain each bad word in the context of taking something good as given by God, and how we’ve taken the good and made it bad. Like the gift of sex, and how it’s been misused and twisted until you get the f-bomb and all its connotations. (By the way, this explanation of bad words led quite naturally into the sex talk for my oldest.) In this case I think knowledge is power.


2 Responses to “Paul Tripp on Bad Language”

  1. wdennisgriffith Says:

    Great post, Seaton. I love Paul Tripp, and the work he has done to help us apply the Gospel to our lives. This particular topic is one I don’t think the church – conservative or liberal – has done a particularly good job of addressing.

    Now, if I could only get this across to my teenagers…

  2. Sticks, Stones & Words « GRACE & PEACE Says:

    […] for introducing this video to me.  Check out Seaton’s comments about it on his blog: Are We There Yet? Posted by Dennis Griffith Filed in Spiritual Formation Tagged: Bad Words, Communication, […]

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