I don’t feel so good…

I have a pretty bad upper respiratory infection (it’s really just a bad head cold, but “upper respiratory infection” sounds more empathy inducing). Just a couple of disconnected thoughts as a result of being sick.

  • My kids miss being close. So do I. Better that they don’t get sick, but it stinks. For example, my youngest was almost in tears because things “seem like they’re changing”. What he’s talking about is our night time talk and tickle session. I lay down next to him and we talk, pray and play ’til it’s time to go to sleep. The last few nights have been different. I’ll pray, but from a distance. And the talk and play time is gone. I can’t wait to get better.
  • I’m  reminded how much I long for things to be “normal”. Or at a deeper level, how I long for things to be the way they were meant to be. It reminds me of this post about my oldest. 
  • My voice is doing some pretty funky stuff. Talking with a friend this morning we decided that it was kinda of a mix of Barry White and Darth Vader with a southern accent. “Use the force y’all”, or “Luke, I am your Daddy!”
  • Missed church, a prayer retreat, and playing guitar at a gathering of house churches because of this crud. The world goes right on spinning without me.
  • Noticed I’m too whiny. Hopefully it’s illness related, not an indication of my normal personality.
  • I’ve got a great family. The boys would each come back periodically to check on me, and my wife is asking how I’m doing, and do I need anything.
  • On a much more earthy plane, I am absolutely amazed by the productive capacity of the mucous membranes in one human head.

With that thought, I go to take a nap.


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