“Near Christianity”

My friend Jimmy posted this quote from my friend T.M.

Both of my friends are well worth listening to.

Our nation is captive to false teachings, both in the civil arena and in the churches of the land. The sins of the former are well known and duly decried. Among the churches, a form of “near Christianity” offers forgiveness of sin and the hope of heaven, together with a measure of happiness and fulfillment here and now, but no determined path to holiness, no taste for self-denial or suffering, and no power for turning rightside-up the morals and culture of our nation…It’s not the Gospel of Kingdom, but another gospel, a weakened, withdrawn, and withered palliative against the uncertainties and discomforts of our age in flight from God.

Where are the faithful men who will call the Church back to her true Gospel roots? Where are the men who will take up the mandate to live and to proclaim the Gospel of the Kingdom, to call this generation to repentance, and to lead them in reconciling all things back to God? Look in the mirror, dear friend: Is God speaking to you?

~ T. M. Moore in “The Source of Our Ills” (Crossfigell 10.28.08)


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