A King and His Kingdom

There are four main images God uses in His word to clue us in to what He is like, and in turn, our relationship to Him. 


  1. Shepherd and sheep
  2. Husband and wife.
  3. Parent and child
  4. King and subject


We would do well to spend time meditating on each of these. Each one gives much needed relief and even correction to what ails us today. 

Over the last several years each one of these has captured my thinking and imagination for a season. Currently it’s the image and institution of a King and His Kingdom. 

For me, the more I think about something, the more it’s on my mind, the more I begin to see it everywhere. (Kind of like when I get obsessed with some “thing” I want to buy, and suddenly everywhere I go I see it. I didn’t notice it before, but now it seems like I can’t turn around without seeing it again and again.)

In this case though, it’s a good thing. Everywhere I look, especially in scripture, I see the King and His kingdom. So over the next few posts I want to look at  some of those passages. I may or may not offer much comment, I might even quote some folks way smarter, and more importantly, way farther along the Way than I am. 

I want to increasingly see, and begin to live in, the reality of The King and His Kingdom.


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2 Responses to “A King and His Kingdom”

  1. wdennisgriffith Says:

    Great post. Just so you know, I took your theme and developed my lesson to prepare for our prayer service tonight.

  2. seaton garrett Says:

    Thanks Brother.

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