Bob Geldof Interviews Pres. Bush

For all the Bush haters out there, you might want to dial it back a little.

Read this. (HT:BHT)


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2 Responses to “Bob Geldof Interviews Pres. Bush”

  1. Rob Scott Says:

    That was an excellent article. Despite my hate (yes, hate) for Bush’s administration (not the man personally), I will admit that he is a decent man. I also believe he is a misguided man, and his administration has done some extremely dangerous things to our country and the world. Can a few positives balance those out? History will tell, I suppose.

  2. seaton garrett Says:

    It was a surprising article to me. Geldof seemed to be able to get past all the caricatures of the man and tell a story I didn’t know. I’m glad I know it.

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