It’s “No-One-Cares-For-My-Soul-Friday!”… Only, Like On Saturday, Because I’m A Day Late

Oops! Since “No-One-Cares-For-My-Soul-Friday” isn’t officially listed on the church calendar, I don’t think anyone will mind. This week it’s “No-One-Cares-For-My-Soul-Saturday”

Friday is (usually) the day I ask you, “How are you really doing?

The reason I ask this is, well, lots of people ask how you’re doing, but not very many really want the truth. The unvarnished, messy, sometimes embarrassing  truth. But I am asking for that truth.

If you do write in know that I’ll pray for you and that you won’t get trite, easy answers to real problems. Even if you don’t write in at least you’ll know someone is asking. 


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