“No-One-Cares-For-My-Soul” Friday

Here it is again. It’s “No-One-Cares-For-My-Soul” Friday. That day of the week when I ask you the reader, both of you,” How are you really doing?”

You may or may not write in. You may or may not use your real name. I may or may not know what to say, or be able to help.

But at least you’ll know someone is asking.


3 Responses to ““No-One-Cares-For-My-Soul” Friday”

  1. wdennisgriffith Says:

    Thanks for asking. I would say generally: fair; But today was a good day of prayer and reflection. Hopefully more will follow in the days ahead.

  2. + Alan Says:

    Well, you read my blog, you know how I’m really doing. 🙂 That’s a question that isn’t really asked all that often I don’t think. That’s a problem. “How are you?” Sure – but they don’t reeaaally want to hear the nitty-gritty answer. And how is it that a Priest, say, could care for one’s soul out of a crowd of about 3,000? – – I don’t know either.

    I actually do have people who care about my soul – not sure about caring “for” my soul. I haven’t had that in a looong time.

  3. seaton garrett Says:

    First, thanks for stopping by. I’m honored.

    We both know answers are cheap and plentiful. Also mostly unhelpful. So I’ll pray and keep walking and try not to say something stupid no matter how “correct” it may be. If you see me in a ditch, pull me out. I’ll try to do the same.

    I’m curious about something you said that I’ve noticed too. I know it’s not THE answer to all that ails us, but why is it that spiritual direction is so rare? Like you also said even someone who really asks how we’re doing is a rarity. It seems like such a no-brainer to me that we ought to have guides/directors/mentors/disciplers, whatever you want to call them, throughout our communities.

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