Bill Kinnon at Acheivable Ends has written about the political meltdown in Kenya. Good stuff, go read it. Here’s a bit of it.

I have not been doing a lot of blogging of late as I’ve struggled to understand the lack of response in much of the Christian blogosphere to the crisis in Kenya. It would seem more important to argue over a particular blogger’s new book, who has a better understanding of the Sovereignty of God or the elevation of the latest denomination president – than it would to ask for and offer prayers for weaker brothers and sisters who are in danger of experiencing another Rwanda. God help us all.

I was in Nairobi in 2000, so this is more personal for me than many of the international crisis stories that get drowned out by what Designer’s boots Brittney was wearing on the way to the hospital… this time.

I’ve been in Kibera. It sits in a valley in Nairobi. From the roads above it looks like the valley is carpeted with corregated metal. As you drive in (at least the way we went) you have to pass through the neighborhood where the various Ambassadors of the world have their compounds. High walled fortresses, palatial mansions, new Mercedes everywhere. Then you make the next turn and the smell of burning garbage hits you, and you see kids playing in the trash that covers any open ground that doesn’t have a hut built on it. There’s not a lot of hope there, and it seems to me that it wouldn’t take much to make a riot happen.

I was actually somewhat surprised to see the military in the slums. The government doesn’t (or didn’t at the time) officially acknowledge that the slum exists.  The residents of Kibera are squatters. But since it would cost too much to deal with the 700, 000 poeple who live there “illegally”, the government just acts like the place doesn’t exist. No police, no services of any kind, electricity is siphoned off the surrounding areas, no water,  open trenches running down the dirt streets serve as sewers.

You would think that having seen it first hand, and having been impacted by the experience as I was, that I’d be more mindful and prayerful. I would have thought so too. Shame on me.

Please pray for Kenya. Please pray for me too.

Lord have mercy, Christ have mercy.


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