It’s “No-One-Cares-For-My-Soul” Friday!

I had a revelation today, an epiphany of sorts. It was as if my eyes had suddenly been opened and I saw into the very nature of things… Not really, but I thought again today how a blog tends to be rather one sided. The Blogger writes, the Reader, well,  reads, and if someone is interested enough they comment. But mostly it’s about the Blogger and his views.

I know, I know another blinding glimpse of the obvious.

The problem is it ends up being more a “what I know” world, where the response is often someone telling you how and why you’re wrong. Or even worse a place where everyone agrees, and you end up “us” and “them”.  No one deviates from the talking points. No one with a difference in theology -no matter how small- is allowed. Kind of a “He-Man Woman Haters Club” for Christians of this or that theological stripe.

No one asks, or cares, how we’re really doing. You know, deep down where we tend to hide the problems and struggles that we all face.

Psalm 142:4 says, “… no one cares for my soul.” There isn’t a verse in scripture that makes me madder than this little phrase. Mainly because it’s true. I know it’s out of context. I understand that this is David in a cave when everyone was against him, and God was the only one who wouldn’t forsake him. And what a wonderful confession on David’s part, and truth about God it is. But it still makes me mad that we don’t care for one another like we should.

One of the things I do is meet with folks. Kind of come along side and (hopefully) encourage them. Mostly I listen and try to hear where the Spirit is at work in their lives. This is known, variously, as Spiritual Direction, spiritual friendship, discipling, shepherding, mentoring, etc. The Celtic Christians had a term of their own that I like best,  Anamchara or “soul friend”.  They felt pretty strongly about the importance of everyone having a soul friend. St. Brigit said that “anyone without a soul friend is like body without a head.”

Some folks are looking for a “life coach”, or someone with “The Answers”. Some folks are in need of counseling, or professional help. Well, I can’t be your counsellor. I’ve probably got more questions than you do. And if you need a life coach, try this guy. But I am a fellow traveller, and I can pray for you. 

So, every Friday I’m going to ask you, the reader (both of you know who you are), “How are you really doing?” If you want to, you can write back. You don’t even have to sign your real name, but you do have to be honest about what’s going on. I will at least listen, and pray for you. Maybe we can keep each other out of the ditches on this journey. Even if no one writes in, you’ll know someone is asking.

In the mean time, if you don’t have a soul friend, or something like one. Go to your pastor, or someone who you know that is mature spiritually, and ask them to help you find one. Every body needs a head.


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