Letters From Kamp Krusty

Letters From Kamp Krusty is hands down my favorite blog. Brant Hansen lovingly pokes fun at the church culture in a way that is helpful, and makes me chuckle…a lot. If you like The Door (Yaconelli era),  Lark News, general goofiness, and accordions visit frequently. Oh yeah, he’s also got the greatest category titles anywhere.

Here’s a piece for all us parents who sometimes forget what our kids don’t need.


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4 Responses to “Letters From Kamp Krusty”

  1. Steve Says:

    While I wouldn’t say “hands down” favorite, Brant’s stuff usually slays me. He’s in my top five sites I check regularly. And you’re dead-on about his categories…brilliantly funny.

    Btw, looks like you’re just getting this blog started. Welcome! and keep it up.

  2. seaton garrett Says:

    Steve- thanks for the welcome. Other than Brant’s, what are your top five sites? I’m always curious about what I might be missing.

  3. Steve Says:

    I don’t mind giving them to you, but I’ll tell you they aren’t in the same realm (except the last one).

    The first two are preachers that I know personally, so I check them regularly to make sure they’re not talking about me:
    http://www.hottubreligion.wordpress.com, http://www.chadwickivester.wordpress.com.

    The next couple are more like trade blogs for me:

    But this one is more in the realm of Kamp Krusty:

  4. seaton garrett Says:

    Thanks, I’ll check them out.

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